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Zend Server and Z-Ray for Magento

If you’re a Magento developer, performance is an issue you’ll be tackling more than once during an application’s life cycle. This is no big secret. Magento is an amazing platform for eCommerce sites. It’s robust and flexible, but even great things have their weaknesses. Magento’s robustness makes it heavy and complex – a crucial factor in development.

To make sure your app is performing properly you really need to understand what’s going on under the hood. And this is where Z-Ray comes in.

Z-Ray gives you full visibility into the SQL queries executed by your Magento application. It shows the query’s bound value, the result of the query, how long the query took and the amount of rows in the code affected by the query. You can even see a backtrace of the query to get the larger picture of how the code was executed.

Z-Ray also beautifully maps all the functions called by the application, helping you to debug slow functions. Z-Ray gives you the line number and the file path to each function, so its extremely easy to identify the bottleneck in your code.

Additionally, Z-Ray gives you Magento-specific data on blocks, events, handles, observers and the request properties, giving you real insight into what’s happening under-the-hood of your Magento app.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Mathew Beane, a Magento Developer (@aepod) with Robofirm, outlines the benefits of using Z-Ray for debugging his Magento application in this blog post. Mathew drills deeper into Z-Ray’s panels (Functions, Blocks, Events, Database Queries) and describes how Z-Ray makes the process of debugging Magento performance so much easier. Mathew also does well to mention Z-Ray Live!, which allows you to debug requests without seeing the response, which is probably one of the coolest and easiest ways out there to debug mobile requests and APIs.


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