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Want to Build a Windows Wearable? That’ll Be $0, Please



Microsoft has cut the price of Windows to $0 for manufacturers to use on phones, devices with screens smaller than 9 inches, and the “Internet of Things” — products such as smart TVs and wearables.

By making Windows free on those devices, Microsoft will be in a much better position to compete with the likes of Android — which now dominates the smartphone market, and is rising fast in tablets — mainly because it costs manufacturers nothing to use. Windows usually requires paying Microsoft a licensing fee.

For phones, the benefits of the price cut are obvious, although a little late in the game. For smaller-screen devices, it puts Windows tablets in a better position to compete, and may help various companies produce better competitors to the Google Chromebook, which has been a popular choice with schools and other organizations that don’t need laptops with lots of computing power. Read more…

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Read more : Want to Build a Windows Wearable? That’ll Be $0, Please

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