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Everything That’s New in the Windows 8.1 Update



Windows 8 critics, this is it. The Windows 8.1 Update was made to fix everything you think is wrong with Microsoft‘s touch-friendly version of Windows.

That probably won’t stop the complaints, but with this update, the new touch- and tile-centric Windows finally feels right on “traditional” mouse-and-keyboard setups, mainly laptops. Individually, the new features are fairly minor, but overall they represent a power shift for those machines — a reassertion of the desktop.

In Windows 8 and later 8.1, the desktop felt more or less like “just another app” among the array of live tiles on the Start screen. Even if you spent the majority of your time with desktop apps, it seemed that Windows was trying to throw you back to the modern environment (aka “Metro”) every chance it got. Opening a simple photo, for instance, launched the Modern Photos, not a desktop app. Read more…

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