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World’s Largest Aircraft Could Fly in Early 2015



The Wright Brothers flew their first flight in a 21 ft. airplane over the Outer Banks of North Carolina. About 14 of their planes could fit inside the world’s newest, largest aircraft, the Airlander, a 300 ft. zeppelin-shaped, helium-filled vessel.

The U.S. government originally funded the development of the voluminous aircraft, but scraped plans due to budget cuts. The aircraft — built in England — made one flight in Lakehurst, N.J., at McGuire Air Force Base in August 2012

Hybrid Air Vehicles, a British company, brought the plane back and is reviving the Airlander project. H.A.V. had the plane’s parts shipped in 40 huge crate-size boxes to its headquarters in Cardington, England, where zeppelin planes flew the British skies nearly a century ago Read more…

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