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Venice Organizes Online Vote to Become Independent From Italy



It’s not just Crimea: the Italian region of Veneto, which includes the city of Venice, is holding a referendum to secede too.

Local activists and parties have launched an online referendum to secede from Italy and declare an independent Republic of Veneto. Venice was at one time an independent republic, for about 1,100 years, before Napoleon deposed its last leader in 1797. And now, a local movement called would like to reverse the clock and again cut ties with the Italian government

A significant portion of the population in Veneto and the northern regions in Italy have long been disgruntled with the way the central government treats the richer North, arguing they pay too many taxes and that these funds end up going to the poorer South. This referendum is the latest expression of that dissatisfaction, with mainly political and economical reasons behind it Read more…

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