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This Is How the NSA Is Trying to Win Over the Media



The NSA used to be wrapped in a cloak of mystery. Some still even refer to it as “No Such Agency.” And, up until recently, very few journalists had any idea what was going on behind the reflective windows of its headquarters in Fort Meade, Md

But after former contractor Edward Snowden laid bare some of the NSA’s most carefully guarded secrets, the agency has been forced to come out of its cave and embrace the limelight. In the past few months it has done so more than ever before, albeit a bit reluctantly.

The agency’s spokespeople have released statements, officials have granted interviews and some journalists have been allowed to visit its headquarters and film inside its offices. Heck, the NSA’s deputy director even spoke at TED. Read more…

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Read more : This Is How the NSA Is Trying to Win Over the Media

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