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‘The Office’ Gets a Time Machine in the Name of Copyright Reform



The Office just went back in time.

When Joe Sabia decided to advocate for copyright reform, he didn’t head to over or make a preachy video that ultimately no one would watch

Instead, he archived every single cultural reference on the show The Office, and then categorized them chronologically. His interactive website, The Office Time Machine, allows you to choose the year you wish to go back to.

On his website Sabia states, “I created this project to advocate for copyright reform and highlight the importance of fair use in protecting creators and their art. To prove culture is not only everywhere, but that certain references to films, songs, and works of art are critical for our collective understanding of comedy and to the importance of relating to content, I found every cultural, real-life reference from every episode of The Office.” Read more…

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Read more : ‘The Office’ Gets a Time Machine in the Name of Copyright Reform

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