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The Most Certain Ways to Battle Uncertainty



You might be all too familiar with the feeling of uncertainty. As traditional, linear career paths become a thing of the past, and structured, hierarchical organizations give way to flat and collaborative workplaces, there’s more and more responsibility on you to chart your own course. Especially when these situations have a lot of unknowns and their consequences are unpredictable, uncertainty looms larger than ever.

Whether you’re starting a company and can’t see exactly what lies ahead, or you’re working for an organization where everything seems a bit shaky, uncertainty can be a tough beast to beat. A small minority do thrive in the challenge of facing the unknown, but most people prefer a little more structure and well, clarity. If you’re in the latter camp, have no fear—we’ve rounded up some great resources that, with certainty, will help you deal with uncertainty. Read more…

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Read more : The Most Certain Ways to Battle Uncertainty

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