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Kim Jong-un Haircuts Required for Men in North Korea



If you are a man in North Korea, we sincerely hope you have a round face. It’s the shape that will work with your new haircut.

That new haircut is called the “Dear Leader Kim Jong Un,” modeled after—you guessed it—North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s impenetrable block of black hair atop his chubby cheeks. The style reportedly became a state-mandated guideline about two weeks ago.

If true, this new rule would be North Korea’s most stringent haircut restriction. However, it wouldn’t be the first time the government has cracked down on what happens at the barber shop. Last year, North Korea limited the range of men’s hairstyles to 10 and women’s to 18, though Kim’s was strangely not on the approved list. His hair was a bit longer in early 2013, and some bangs occasionally escaped the gel that slicked them back. Read more…

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