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How Microsoft Started Over and Built Office for iPad



Han-Yi Shaw didn’t like what he saw, and he told Microsoft so. The software giant, by Shaw’s reckoning, didn’t really understand Apple’s platform or how to develop Office for it. Shaw told Microsoft exactly what he thought — and the company responded by agreeing to all of his changes, then hiring him

That was more than a decade ago. Today, Shaw heads up Microsoft’s Office Design Studio and is the architect of one of the tech giant’s most important innovations in years: Office for iPad.

The product is available now in the App Store as three distinct apps: Word for iPad, Excel for iPad and PowerPoint for iPad. They are free to download, but you won’t get full functionality — such as being able to edit or create new documents — without an Office 365 subscription (which is $99 a year for five installs on mobile devices, plus another five installs on desktops and laptops). Read more…

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Read more : How Microsoft Started Over and Built Office for iPad

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