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Google Goes Mythbusting About Google Glass



Google Glass hasn’t had a great month. It was a factor in an alleged assault, got banned in more restaurants, and one of its earliest advocates had harsh words for the device. Now Google has begun the damage control.

In a lengthy post on Google+, the Glass team attacked several myths about the device, aimed at people who don’t yet have experience with it. The list dispels some of the most popular assumptions about Glass — that it’s always recording the world around it and that it’s extremely distracting to the wearer.

In truth, Glass is designed to capture only small snippets of video (continuous shooting would drain the battery extremely fast). And while Glass’ virtual screen can briefly take the wearer out of the moment, it overlooks the very raison d’être of most smart glasses — that it’s still far less distracting than looking down at a smartphone. Read more…

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