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Fake Chef Pranks Local News With Disgusting Recipes



Let’s file this under: “Only funny because it didn’t happen to us.”

Over the holiday season, “chef” Keith Guerke made several appearances on morning television shows in the Midwest to promote his cookbook, Leftovers Right. He taught several bright-eyed news anchors how to turn yesterday’s dinner — often Thanksgiving foods, like mashed potatoes and gravy — into delightful treats, like mashed potato ice cream cones and gravy smoothies

Yum, right?

Wrong. Guerke was not a real chef. His name wasn’t even his real name. Guerke’s real persona is comedian Nick Prueher. Prueher teamed up with Found Footage Festival co-creator Joe Pickett to prank local TV networks, easily booking five gigs for the unqualified chef Read more…

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