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Dear America: Start Following MLS Now, Because World Cup



Are you ready to play the World Cup Game again, America? It’s that one that comes around every four years, when so many of us get super duper excited for a glorious sporting month, start saying words like “match,” use the word “football” all out of context and feel so much emotion about this amazing game

And yet it’s also the one where so few of us can match a single United States Men’s National Team (USMNT) face to name without help from a numerical roster.

Soccer‘s tide is rising Stateside, and there are plenty of people here whose passion for and knowledge of the beautiful game rivals that of fans anywhere else. But for the rest of us, perhaps it’s time to step up our soccer fandom. That way, by the time the World Cup begins on June 12, we will have already graduated from n00b status when it comes to supporting the USMNT Read more…

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