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With an Older Man? Facebook Says You’re in The Majority



Love knows no age, but Facebook does

A new study from Facebook explored the age difference between users in a relationship on the platform. The results: men are older in two-thirds of opposite-sex relationships, with the average age gap being 2.4 years

The average age difference between those in same-sex relationships is even higher. In some instances, the age gap in same-sex relationships is almost double that of opposite-sex couples

General Breakdown - FB Relationships
Men are older in 67% of Facebook relationships, and women are older only 20% of the time.

Image: ChartGo

This age gap is much larger for older couples. Younger couples tend to be closer in age, with a higher probability that they met in school, according to Facebook. The research supported the idea that countries with higher affluence levels tend to have smaller age gaps, perhaps explained by the idea that more people find their partner while in college Read more…

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