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Want This Star Wars Tapestry? That’ll Be $20,000



If you love Star Wars so much that you want a 30-ft. hand-stitched version of the movies on your wall — and you have $20,000 to spare — then today’s your lucky day.

British artist Aled Lewis created this homage to the space fantasy series in the style of the Bayeaux tapestry. It’s on display in Gallery 1988 West in Los Angeles as part of Lewis’ pop culture-inspired exhibit, “Such Pixels,” until March 1

Officially titled The Coruscant Tapestry — named for the central city-planet in the Star Wars galaxy — this pixelated tale covers the main events of Episodes I through VI in numerical order. (Sorry, prequel haters, Episode IV does not come first here.) Here’s Lewis’ version of Phantom Menace through Revenge of the Sith: Read more…

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Read more : Want This Star Wars Tapestry? That’ll Be $20,000

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