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The Unofficial History of Unicorns



The unicorn is a legendary beast — associated with all things magical, beautiful and happy. The mythical rarity of this symbol of royalty has evolved over the years. It can be anything from a equine-like beauty to a term meaning someone special (i.e., “Bro, that girl is definitely my unicorn”)

We recognize the unicorn by its flawless white coat, long, spiraled horn and shimmering eyes. Scientifically, however, a unicorn is any animal with only one horn. By that account, there have been unicorn goats, cows and deer who grew their horn either by way of genetic mutation or by transplanting the horn buds to the center of the head. And let’s not forget the unicorn’s illegitimate child, the narwhale. Read more…

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Read more : The Unofficial History of Unicorns

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