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How Nokia Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Android



It’s happenedNokia just debuted and Android phone. And the world is still turning.

This, on the surface, doesn’t make an ounce of sense. Nokia is, after all, the chief proponent of Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, going all-in with the platform in a strategic alliance that began in early 2011. The relationship was so close that Microsoft eventually decided to buy Nokia’s hardware business, a deal that should close in the next few months.

As of today, that business includes the Nokia X, a phone that runs Android, the platform operated by Microsoft arch-nemesis Google. By launching an Android phone, Nokia has invited questions about its commitment to Windows Phone and even the viability of Microsoft’s platform in general. That’s a very odd thing for such a close strategic partner to do. Read more…

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Read more : How Nokia Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Android

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