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For Egypt’s Startups, Unstable Government Is the Least of Their Worries



When the Egyptian startup Instabug launched its app last Summer, CEO Omar Gabr couldn’t believe how bad their timing was. Inside their office in Egypt’s capital, Cairo, they had just put out a beta version of an app that rapidly identifies glitches in software and lets users provide feedback on those glitches, and everyone lavished it with praise

But outside, the streets were jammed with people violently protesting Egypt’s government, and the country was in the middle of a military takeover. It’s hard to talk about business opportunities when the nation’s future is murky at best.

Though the riots have somewhat waned since summer, Egypt’s political turmoil has been ongoing since January, 2011 and was on display again on Monday after Egypt’s interim Prime Minister Hazem Beblawi suddenly announced his own resignation and the resignation of his government. That turmoil has done what you might expect—damaged the economy, harmed international relations—but its effect has also spiraled out into Egypt’s fledgling startup community. Read more…

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Read more : For Egypt’s Startups, Unstable Government Is the Least of Their Worries

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