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Constantly Forget Your Phone? This Car Gadget Can Help



Monday mornings could get a whole lot easier, thanks to a new gadget that notifies you if you forget to bring your phone and other daily essentials

Called Bringrr, the gadget fits into a car’s cigarette lighter receptacle, and uses Bluetooth technology to scan for missing items the moment you enter your car

In addition to your smartphone, the car gadget can scan for any items attached to a BringTag — a small, circular tag that emits a Bluetooth signal traceable by Bringrr — including laptops, books and bags.

Bringrr is also compatible with Google Glass. Upon entering your car, the gadget will tell you what you’re missing via Glass’ heads-up display. What’s more, users wearing Glass can assign virtual BringTags just by looking at a specific item, and taking a photo Read more…

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