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The Year in Facebook: Moving Fast, Breaking Less



If there’s one thing Facebook generates, besides selfies and baby pics, it’s lots and lots of press

The company has more than one billion users, one of tech’s most recognizable CEOs (still only 29!), and enormous stores of your personal data. Like it or not, we all seem to have a stake, whether big or small, in what happens at Facebook’s Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters. It makes sense, then, that the social network keeps us all, reporters and readers alike, busy week in and week out.

The company has a reputation for changing its product regularly, and this year was no different. Facebook’s 2013 activities ran the gamut from the good (Graph Search), to the bad (Facebook Home), and, of course, the ugly (its misuse of an extremely sensitive image in an ad) Read more…

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Read more : The Year in Facebook: Moving Fast, Breaking Less

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