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The 2013 Year In Review In Review


It’s a holiday, which means it’s time to fill a post with meaningless reflections on things you thought were interesting about 2013. Try to be comprehensive, but don’t rack your brain.

After all, it’s extremely unlikely anyone is near a computer today, let alone scanning the tech blog sites for fake news masquerading as a thought piece.

Start off with something like: “So what happened this year?” You know, just to kick things off.

Begin with how 2013 was the year in which being viral trumped being true, since you’ve read it somewhere else over the last few days and it’s a controversial topic right now.

Segue into how certain sites have mastered the art of capturing reader attention while at the same time providing little lasting value. Assert your opinion about how that is likely to change or continue on into the future. Either one is right.

You won’t believe the joke you’ll make about an Upworthy-esque headline.

Talk about how getting fired for Tweeting is the new getting fired for blogging… and how with Medium, Ev Williams has maybe created the most perfect vehicle for allowing stupid people to write stupid things that will get them fired.

Don’t forget to talk about how 2013 was the year in which we as a society — and by society you mean people like yourself with few real interests — became aware of something happening in a place we barely knew existed, thanks to the power of social networks.

Opine about how it was also the year in which we all rallied around a cause thanks to social marketing, leading to a barrage of half-hearted, sympathetic Tweets.

mobile phones

Mention something about how big mobile was this year. Talk about it in terms that people who got excited about “The Internet” in 2000 might understand.

Throw in something about tablets.

Discuss what the teens are doing, and how what the teens are doing impacts the way marketers think about what marketers do.

(Somewhere in there, toss in an amusing personal anecdote.)

Even if you don’t think it’s true, write at length about how 2013 redefined the way that we thought about wearable computing and how sensors are making us smarter, fitter, happier. Guesstimate that trend will continue for years to come.

It’s doubtful people are still reading, but write a saccharine ode to how technology as a whole is improving the lives of people in ways that were totally unexpected, even just 12 months ago.

Express excitement for the prospect of what is to come, and wonder aloud what kind of things will be on next year’s Year In Review. End with kind tidings for whatever holiday people might be celebrating and add a vague nod to the upcoming change in calendar year.

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