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Mirantis To PaaS Vendors: Stop Fighting OpenStack Gravity

Mirantis Chairman Alex Freedland.

Mirantis Chairman Alex Freedland.

OpenStack is on a tear. According to a Red Hat-sponsored IDG survey, 84% of enterprises are planning to deploy OpenStack-based private clouds. Even so, the big question for OpenStack is whether it will ever seriously challenge Amazon’s AWS, which continues to Dominate (with a capital “D”) the cloud market. However much OpenStack barks at related PaaS players, the real issue is whether it can hope to take on AWS.

Which brings me to Mirantis.

The Mirantis Prophecy

You’ve likely not heard of Mirantis. At least, not until last week when Mirantis, an under-the-radar systems integration firm that recently launched its OpenStack distribution, blogged the imminent death not of AWS but instead of pure-play PaaS vendors like Cloud Foundry. As Mirantis chairman Alex Freedland wrote, OpenStack IaaS projects will naturally expand into PaaS, leaving us with a “parlor game” in which we sit around guessing who will be “next in the stack to get crushed” by OpenStack.

As if fulfilling Mirantis’ prophecy, OpenStack last week announced

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