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Will Apple Ever Fix the iMessage Text-Killing Problem?



When Liz DeStasio’s smartphone abruptly stopped getting her parents’ text messages, she chalked it up to old-person syndrome — that they had simply screwed up a setting that was preventing the texts from getting through. But the missing-text problem began spreading to more of her contacts, perplexing both her and her husband, Dominick.

Soon, they found the common thread: All of the people whose texts weren’t getting through were iPhone owners.

“It was actually her father who noticed that whenever he sent a message, it was showing up as if it were sent under iMessage,” says Dominick. “Once he mentioned the iMessage thing, I put two and two together that all the people that were having trouble messaging her had iPhones.” Read more…

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Read more : Will Apple Ever Fix the iMessage Text-Killing Problem?

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