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Hammerhead Gives Bikers Turn-by-Turn Directions for Safer Riding



The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, but that’s not how a biker decides how to get to their destination (or a driver or even a pilot, if you think about it)

The best bike route is the one with fewest cars, and for some bikers, it’s the route with that really great hill to climb. Obscurity and quiet, winding roads are the goal, but identifying such places can be a challenge

A new device called Hammerhead wants to help, and considers itself to be the Waze for people on bikes. The device attaches to your handlebars and LED lights indicate when to turn right or left, possibly when to exit a roundabout or make a U-turn. You’ll choose from routes in Hammerheads database — but riders who find a good route can recommend it to other Hammerhead users, so the routes provided should get “smarter” over time Read more…

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