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5 Smart PR Moves to Recruit the Best Engineering Team



Pete Soderling is a software engineer and serial entrepreneur and is the founder of Hakka Group. He spends time building and advising startups internationally, and blogs at You can reach him on Twitter at @PeteSoder. This blog post originally appeared here.

During my years as a software engineer, I’ve discovered that most of us tend to have a certain amount of distrust when it comes to the world of sales and marketing. Engineers like accuracy, real value and nonemotional arguments. I’m not here to critique an entire industry, but let’s just agree to admit that occasionally the marketing world “over-markets” the benefits of a particular product, trumps up its value and ingeniously plays off a consumer’s emotions — successfully closing the deal and leaving the buyer with an inferior, or at the very least unnecessary, product that he or she later comes to regret purchasing. Read more…

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Read more : 5 Smart PR Moves to Recruit the Best Engineering Team

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