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Tweet us your ZendCon Moment

The ZendCon Call for Papers is open and by now you should have 4 or 5 good ideas either submitted or ready to submit. So now it’s time to teak a break and think about the lighter side of things.

If you are ZendCon alumni – and there are a lot of you out there – take a moment, stroll down memory lane, and remember ZendCons past. Pick your favorite moment and tweet it to us.

  • Tell us who you met. Tell us about the job you landed because you were there.
  • Tell us the best session you ever saw.
  • Tell us the big memory that sticks out in your mind. The moment that makes you smile and stare off into the distance as you relive it.

Make sure and tag it #zendcon so we don’t miss it.

Many community members have already started down the path but we want everyone to get involved. So take a moment, think back, smile, and then tweet.

Here are a couple of links to help jog your memory.
ZendCon on Flickr
ZendCon on Youtube

…and of course, my one attempt at a video montage:

The commenter is right, it’s a crappy video…unless you were there.

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