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Twig in Zend Framework 2

Have you been over to lately? If you are working (testing? playing?) with Zend Framework 2, you may want to pop over and give this article a quick read, Twig in Zend Framework 2. A quick read is really all you can give it, as it’s not a long article. Here’s a clip to wet your whistle.

In an attempt to extend the existing functionality of zend framework 2 and provide a powerful view layer for my applications I created a module which integrates the full functionality of the Twig library along with a new extension specific for zend.

That’s the gist of it. The author talks more about why they created the module and gives a little code (and I mean very little) to show illustrate it’s use.

If you are using Twig and are moving to ZF2 9or you are using ZF2 and want to use Twig) This is a module you are going to want to invest five minutes on this article and the related module.

Read more : Twig in Zend Framework 2

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