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monsterj.jpgSearching for a job isn’t easy these days: not only is the competition greater with more people out of work, but also employers are being pickier. And while social networks make connecting with potential hiring managers somewhat easier, there are still lots of different networks to choose from. Today the site hopes to make life a bit easier by announcing a new tool called SeeMore that is designed for recruiters to use semantic search methods to collect resumes from a variety of sources, both internal databases as well as online ones.


Semantic search certainly isn’t new, and in the job-seeking field it can be extremely useful to place the right context for both recruiter and job hunter alike, as well as describing a skills taxonomy too. Monster has had its own technology it dubbed 6Sense for its PowerSearch tool for more than a year, so it can distinguish between the same word such as “ford” to mean someone’s proper name or a particular business name in a search, as well as take advantage of how current a person’s position is too. SearchEngineWatch gave its introduction high praise when it wrote about it last year.

talent dash.jpg

SeeMore takes the semantic search engine, adds a talent dashboard that you can see above with extensive reporting capabilities, and matching tool for recruiters and set of APIs so that you can access these services.

monster power search.jpg

But SeeMore is for recruiters, at least initially. It provides a single view into the total talent that can be tapped by a recruiter for a particular position, allowing them to bring together resumes from many different sources. Corporate recruiters can export their internal resume collection into a private hosted space on Monster and use the same semantic engine and search tools to examine this collection, as you can see from the initial search screenshot above.

Pricing for SeeMore is on the size of the resume pool or by concurrent user.

While once the leader in job listings, over the years Monster has faced stiff competition from, LinkedIn, and various Facebook apps such as BranchOut. Last month Monster launched a Facebook app for job seekers called BeKnown where people can identify and connect with friends and professional contacts from multiple sources and grow their professional network. Days later LinkedIn prevented the app from connecting to its network, which seems like not playing fair with its APIs and terms of service to us.


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