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WatchDox Creates Pricey New Private Cloud for Secure Document Sharing

watchdox150.pngWatchDox is extending its services to the private cloud. We’ve written about them in the past. They have an iPad app for document control and tracking, and have added Android and soon Blackberry versions as well.


The idea is whenever you share a document, you lose control over it–anyone can copy it or share it across the Internet. They restrict this and give you end-to-end control no matter where your documents end up. The company has a variety of customers, such as movie production companies who are using it to share scripts securely and the obvious financial institutions.

WatchDox is working with channel partners to now provide a private cloud option to give organizations their own dedicated server infrastructure that is not shared with any other customer. This takes the shape of a virtual appliance that can sit in a corporate data center, to provide the on-premises storage for those companies that want this kind of control. They have a variety of REST-based APIs to allow their service to be integrated into their CRM or Web portals, but you need to specifically request this information.

They have several individual pricing plans starting at $50/month for a single user for 200 MB of storage. The virtual appliance pricing starts at 500 users and $30,000 annually. That is a big difference between versions, but if you need absolute control over your documents, it is probably less than the cost of one potential security breach.


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