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Free Data Transfers for AWS Starts Friday

aws150.jpgAmazon announced that effective this Friday, they will no longer charge for data transfers into your cloud environments at Amazon’s Web Services. (It was ten cents per GB.) Previously and still effective, the first gigabyte of data transferred out are also free. It is indicative of AWS that their price chart now goes to petabytes. Prices have been reduced about ten percent of what they were previously. Pricing for data transfer between Amazon hosting regions remains unchanged.


For example, a customer transferring 10 TB in and 10 TB out of either US region or Europe in a month will save 52% on internet data transfer with the new pricing. A customer transferring 500 TB in and 500 TB out of one of these regions in a month will save 68% on Internet data transfer with the new pricing.

In addition to these price drops, Amazon has also decreased prices on CloudFront, its content delivery network. The top pricing tier now is two cents per GB when sending more than 5 PB of data per month.

For more information on the new data transfer prices effective July 1, 2011, please visit the AWS Data Transfer Pricing Update detail page.


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