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Check Out Intel’s Dynamic Perimeter Cloud Security Products

intelcloud.jpgIntel has a little-known series of cloud enhancement products as part of its Dynamic Perimeter collection here. The idea that you need better protection to bridge cloud and on-premises data sources, and Intel has created a series of layered security products and services to help.


There are almost too many choices on their site. For example, as Intel says in their literature for the Expressway Cloud Access 360 service, “Salesforce access done right is tightly integrated with existing on-premise identity and access management systems, account provisioning workflows, and audit repositories….all protected, as needed, with elevated strong authentication technologies.”

Their idea is to combine everything that you need into one suite for cloud provisioning, federated security and single sign-on, strong two-factor authentication, and even auditing. I saw some demos at a conference last month and think that Intel is on target here.

There are certainly other vendors going after this marketplace, including IBM and Novell. And Intel is leveraging products from its NordicEdge access control products acquisition and integrating them into their offerings.

There are a variety of free evaluations of these services available, including a 48-hour test-drive that is completely cloud-based, a download to try out for 30 days their service gateway, and other methods on their site. And plenty of other online resources to examine, including video tutorials on how to set up the various services and documentation of the Expressway Cloud product line too. Intel will be demonstrating these products at a Gartner Security and Risk Assessment conference and at IT Decisions later this month.


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