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A New Way to Track Amazon Cloud Costs

uptime150.jpgTired of trying to keep track of AWS’ convoluted pricing for your cloud deployment? Then take a look at what Uptime Software has with its new UptimeCloud service, beginning tomorrow. The idea is to connect to your cloud environment at Amazon and keep track of what you are spending – and more importantly, will be spending – so that when the bill arrives at the end of the month there are no surprises.


The UptimeCloud service will show you the current costs of all your running instances, as well as make recommendations for how to save money by changing your cloud configuration. Here you see a dashboard summary, and there is a lot more detailed information available too.

uptime cloud dash.jpg

Uptime collects historical information so you can see what has been going on in your cloud provider’s environment, and also tracks instances that may not be currently running but consuming storage fees.

Right now the service is only available for Amazon’s Web Services, but the company will be slowly adding in other providers such as GoGrid and Rackspace in the future. They are also looking at adding other infrastructure providers to have hybrid cloud pricing too. They want to provide the total cost visibility for every kind of cloud application and be able to conduct cost comparisons at a very accurate level.

Uptime claims they are the first to offer this kind of service, at least to the level of graphical visualization and simplicity involved. The company has a deep monitoring and management background with all kinds of infrastructure deployments. The beta service is available tomorrow, but no pricing has been announced, and it will initially be free for the first customers.

NOTE: I briefly did some consulting work for the company last year.


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