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Ikea Reveals A Cute Cardboard Digital Rangefinder Camera


Ikea is seemingly getting serious about consumer electronics. First there was the new home theater line and now a digital camera. But the two are slightly different. The disruptive HDTV system, UPPLEVA, is a serious entry into a stale market. The digital camera is, well, cardboard. And cheap. But still awesome.

Ikea included it the cardboard camera in a Milan design show press kit according to IT Gizmodo. The little camera is made of cardboard and runs off of two AA batteries. The internal memory can hold 40 pics and syncs with a computer via a swing-out USB connector. The shutter button is little flap on the front side. They say it will eventually be sold in Ikea stores but the price isn’t announced just yet. How fun. Just don’t take it the beach.

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